Wednesday, 24 June 2015

N E U T R A L S & T E X T U R E /// Summertime dressing

While some people take to summer like a fish to water, I sometimes find it hard to do a wardrobe 180 when I've been swimming in layers of black and greys for the last 6 months. I also find it especially hard to let go of my 'third piece'. A third piece is that extra garment or accessory that is not entirely needed, but adds to the look. It can be a staple sweater or scarf, or another shirt that you wear open or tied around your waist. I am obsessed with third pieces!

I've noticed some well dressed ladies wearing open knit sweaters lately, and while these are not new, it got me thinking that maybe they were on to something. I always thought they were silly ("What's the point of having a sweater with holes?"). But at a recent sample sale, I was specifically looking for these kinds of pieces out of curiosity and lucked out. I picked one up in a neutral color and it really delivers: it adds that touch of coverage without adding excess color or heavy volume. The texture and silhouette it adds to any look is perfect

Canadian summers are temperamental at best. Humid temperatures fought off with damp a/c has never been my thing. These open knit sweaters are best for this! They actually DO keep you warm, and they are easy to throw in a bag when you don't want to wear it anymore. They are light enough that you don't sweat (the holes probably help with this) but warm enough to fight the dampness in an air conditioned building (Im really calling to all my office workers here).

This is the first piece that I picked up at a sample sale (no idea who makes it, sorry!) and it is great for many scenarios. It is light enough to wear as a cover up to the beach, or to throw on any simple look to add the extra texture that I so love. It covers your bum and has a drop shoulder with sleeves you can roll to 3/4 length, or leave long for a touch of coverage from the sun

 I picked this piece recently at H&M and it may be my favorite. I love this color in anything and there is so much texture in it that you can pair it with the most basic outfit and it will give it an extra 10 points.

This is the newest, and probably last (3 is enough right? Maybe not..) addition to my new 'Third Piece Summer Cardigan Collection'. It is the most casual of the three styles and comes in a nice chunky knit. Pair this with a nice hat and casual shorts for a trip to the market or running errands.

I'll try to take some pictures of these pieces in action so you can see how great they are in action. Check out my instagram account for more frequent posts!


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