Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beginners (luck?)

I decided to play hooky today since I have the apartment to myself. The world doesn't seem to want me to go outside anyways (read: there is a massive snow storm right now and I was getting ready to bust out my flats). Today's theme is new beginnings. I am downright miserable with the job Ive now held for almost a year and am ready to burst into my actual field with a new job. The portfolio and CV are complete and up to date and I have begun the tedious task of online career window shopping. Its not enough that I don't like the idea of emailing my info to a stranger somewhere in around the Montreal area, but I have no job experience in women's wear and everyone wants 3-5 years experience. Fun? Oh, yes.

I also need to find artwork for the living room and bedroom. With my attention waining, I am sure I will have found the perfect pastel abstract print on Etsy come night fall. I digress...

The beauty of this particular job search right now is that I don't have to jump at the first opportunity I get because I am already employed. I get my five days, health benefits and the (ever ridiculous) protection of a union. 

I have been in touch with a top recruiter, checked out Craigslist, created my LinkedIn account, and have yet to submit a single application but the wheels are turning and it's exciting to see where life will take me next. Every time I say that, I have this little voice in my head say "Ya, 30K a year is thrilling!", but you have to start somewhere, right? 

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