Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Cleaning

A month or so ago, my boyfriend and I rearranged our apartment with the advice I got from my cousin who is an architect. I knew she'd be able to give great advice since proportions and space are in her field of work. The beauty of the revamp was that there was nothing to buy, it was all a question of rearranging. My boyfriend was apprehensive but open to it and we got under way the following week. Along the way, Seb (the bf) insisted we clean, disinfect and dust. It was annoying at the time but I have to say now that Im quite pleased with the little Martha Stewart inside of him because now I dont really need to do any spring cleaning!

This got me thinking though: why does spring cleaning have to be limited to the physical space surrounding you? What about your body? Mind? Wardrobe? Routines and habits? This is the sort of thing that can be extension of, say, New Year's resolutions. For example, I love going to the gym, but I also love playing hooky like I did yesterday. Committing to something you know is good for you, but just a little harder to get around to, can be a spring cleaning in itself because you are cleaning your mind of lazy habits.

This year's spring cleaning will be a matter of shaking off the non-physical cobwebs of body and mind to reveal a clearer, more optimistic, streamlined self.

When it first occurred to me to write this post, I remembered a trend forecast that I did for summer 2012 that very much applies to what Im going after right now. I just look at it and smell lavender. I picture white linen, canvas totes, loafers and my Ray Ban Aviators. Sigh.

Here's to Summer 2013

Spring Summer 2012 Trend Forecast

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