Saturday, 29 November 2014

November /// The month of the shoe

November went by way faster than any other month this year. I suppose the change in season and holiday prep kept me preoccupied. I am really looking forward to getting into the holiday spirit, though! The tacky decorations and cheesy music really put a bounce in my step. I believe this is a genetic trait that I have inherited from my mom. That being said, I haven't bought any holiday decor yet. I have however purchased many, many pairs of shoes. When it rains, it pours I suppose.

It started with needing a new pair of gym shoes, which I got from the Winners kids' section for $40 (benefits of being a size 6 ). These are not glamorous, so Im moving right onto the next item.

Next up, I needed a good pair of every day, all purpose boots. Canadian falls go from rain to snow to freezing to Indian Summer and back again, so they needed to look good and be durable. I thought back to when I saw Adrianne Ho of Sweat the Style ( rocking a pair of black Timberlands, and the hunt was on. Again, I ended up buying kids Timberlands. I saved a lot and they come in black! I bought them at the end of October actually, but have worn them hiking, to two concerts, and many, many days at work. They lend an urban, utilitarian feel to any look, and I pretty much haven't taken them off all month.

My every day urban boots

Shameless selfie at work wearing my Tim's
Tank top /// Joe Fresh
Pants /// Zara
Long blazer /// Asos

Now that I am a 9 to 5'er, I realized that my every day heel game was lacking. All I have for winter heels is a pair of black patent leather Jeffrey Campbell Lolitas, and I love them, but they look like hooker heels and I wanted something a little more grown-up and classic. When I saw a photo of Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane (, I instantly fell in love with her Louboutin boots, but, we get where this is going. The seed had been planted, and the hunt was started for a pair of much more affordable boot heels. Of all places, I found my new loves at Aldo! They are called the Thawen and they are beautiful. I got them on sale and I have received many compliments on them. I love them!

My new every day boot heels

Finally, I was really inspired by the chic, feminine looks that Arielle of Something Navy always wears ( She is feminine without being too girly and I really covet anyone's ability to pull that off. Since the holidays are coming, along with parties, cocktails and other holiday events, I decided to get a pair of black stilettos. These are the most classic shoe any woman can have and you can get them pretty much any where. I found mine at Joe Fresh, and they were also on sale! Sales... another reason to love the holidays. They are comfy,  sleek, and very sexy.

Aren't they lovely?

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