Saturday, 17 January 2015

W I S H L I S T /// Wardrobe Ideas for a New Year

Happy Humpday!

I am not one for new year's resolutions, but I always make a couple mental check lists for things I would like to focus on or improve over the next year. I guess that sounds exactly what a resolution is, but I don't share it with anyone and quietly tick things off over the year. Well, this year, and in this post, I am going to share a few things I would like to add to my wardrobe over the next year. These are almost
all inspired by other women, and I will share the photos that made me decidedly add them to my list.

This year, I want to buy less, but buy better quality. Let's see how this goes :P 

1. White Converse shoes
Who'da thunk? I just like how they can ground an outfit and keep it casual.

Via chique_le_frique on Instagram

2. Casual nude pumps
These are worn by none other than Arielle of Something Navy. She is the shoe-and-outfit-blogger queen, and she makes a convincing argument that you can't go wrong with classic, nude, patent pumps. So chic and effortless, non? Her color story in the photo also helps.

Via /// somethingnavy on Instagram

3. Good quality, ankle length jeans
I am 5'4 and frugal (kind of cheap). I hate having to spend more than $30 on jeans, so I dont. That doesn't mean I can't tell that I would be more confortable in a better grade of denim. And infact, it is not so much the denim itself that I want: it is the cut and the construction. Waistbands that fold and don't have strength drive me nuts!

Via chique_le_frique on Instagram

4. A leather bag
Truthfully, I already have one. But it is more on the utilitarian side. I want something chic that will be a statement in itself. This is easier said than done, because I have been looking for about a year now. And I don't want a Michael Kors. Call me crazy

Via /// oraclefoxblog on Instagram

5. Leather trouser, or good quality PU trousers
Pants like this can just tie any look together and will never go out of style. See what I am going for here? 


6. Comfortable, cross front blouses .... to go with said leather pants
I think the below image sums up these two desires perfectly. The blouse makes any outfit more feminine and put together. 

Via /// EMMAHILL on Instagram
Thanks for reading! And if you have anything you are on the hunt for this year, let me know.


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